Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I progress in this game?

Each Character has Stars to unlock by playing as them.
Earn Stars (or open daily Free Gifts) to receive Coins.
You can then spend the Coins in the Swingorm Machine to unlock Characters.
If you can manage to collect all the Stars and unlock all the Characters, you beat the game!
How many Stars and Characters you have unlocked is visible in the bottom corners of the Character Select Screen.
There are also secret Characters, Outfits and Trophies to discover. Some are very very well hidden.

I keep accidentally pressing the home button!

This is a common issue for games that you play in landscape mode. Rotate your device so that the home button is on the opposite side, then you won't accidentally press it. The screen should rotate around automatically. If it doesn't, look in your device's settings for rotation lock and change it to 'unlocked', then try again.

"Error: Check Internet Connection" message

When Buying Characters/ Outfits, or watching Ads
Your device must be connected to the internet if you want to buy Characters and Outfits, or watch Ads. Check wi-fi or mobile data is enabled on your device. If you connect to the internet and still get this message, go to the Main Menu and from there to the Character Select screen. If you still get the same message when you try to buy Character/Outfits or watch Ads, quit the game and restart it. If that still doesn't work, turn your device off and on and open the game again. If after all this you still can't connect, please contact

When trying to connect to Game Center/Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements
See I can't connect to Game Center/Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements

Nothing happens when I click the crown or badge icon

See I can't connect to Game Center/Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements

I can't connect to Game Center/Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements

Check the Game Center app is installed on your device and updated to the latest version. From your device's home screen, open the App Store and search for Game Center, then tap 'Install' or 'Update' if you see these buttons. Once it is installed and updated, open the Game Center app and sign in. Then open the game and try again. If this still doesn't work, try restarting your device.

Check the Google Play Games app is installed on your device and updated to the latest version. From your device's home screen open the Google Play app and search for Google Play Games, then tap 'Install' or 'Update' if you see these buttons. Once it is installed and updated, open Google Play Games app and sign in. Then open the game and try again. If this still doesn't work, try restarting your device.

The game has stopped working

Turn your device off and on, and then open Swing Skills again.
Click here for instructions on how to restart your iPad/iPhone/iPod.

The game crashes when I launch it

Make sure that you do not have an AdBlocker enabled on your device (Android), or if you do, add Swing Skills to the AdBlocker whitelist. Swing Skills has optional advertisements in-game, and blocking them with ad blocking apps can cause problems.

I have a new ipad/iphone/android device. How do I get back the characters I purchased?

First, make sure you are connected to the internet.
If you have an iOS device, open the game, get to the Main Menu, open the Options panel then press the 'Restore Purchases' button. From there, go to the Character Select Screen and you should see the characters you bought.
If you have an Android device, your characters will be restored automatically on launch - so connect to the internet then quit and relaunch the game and you should see your characters unlocked on the Character Select Screen.
Unfortunately you can only restore Characters you purchased, not ones you have won from the Swingorm Machine - but I am currently working on an update that will backup all your characters across your devices.

How do I unlock characters to play as?

After you play a game and are on the Scoring Screen, press the 'Free a Friend!' button and spend your coins in the Swingorm Machine. This will spend the Coins you earnt to unlock a new Character.
NOTE: The Swingorm Machine only appears after you have opened at least one Free Gift.

Free a Friend Button

Where can I view the weird banana/floppy disk/planet thing that I found?

From the Main Menu, enter the Options screen, then on the bottom left, press the Gem icon to view your Trophies. See if you can unlock them all!

Why can't I view Ads?

Make sure first that you are connected to the internet and you do not have an Ad blocker enabled (On Android).
If you have played the game today and already watched some ads, but the game shows you an error message when you request one now, then you have reached the maximum ads you can watch today. This daily limit is set by the Ad Networks.
Please wait 24 hours and try again, and it should show you Ads again.

I unlocked a Duplicate Character

This is not a bug - this is how the Swingorm Machine works! You may find that you receive duplicates of characters you have already unlocked, especially as you go through the game and there are fewer characters left to unlock. Don't worry, I have made it so that if you keep using the Swingorm Machine you are sure to get a new character eventually.

Can I suggest a Character or Outfit?

Yes - but please remember I cannot include all the suggestions people make. If you suggest a Character, it needs to be something known by a large amount of people, otherwise other players will be confused by it.

Can I advertise my product/service in your game, or add a character from my game as a cross-promotion?

Potentially, depending on a few different factors. Please email to discuss this.

I got a high score while I was offline! How do I put it on my leaderboard?

1. Connect to the internet
2. Open the game (or close and re-open it if you already have it open)
3. Play a game as the character you have the high score with
4. Finish the course or just press 'End Run' from the pause screen
5. When you reach the scoring screen it should automatically post your current highest score to the leaderboards (even if you did not reach that score in the current game).
6. You can also press the 'leaderboards' icon on the bottom of the scoring screen to initiate this manually.

How do I unlock Secret Characters?

There are some unlockable Characters and Outfits that do not appear on the Character Select Screen at all (not even with a ???? above their head, or greyed out), and will only unlock if you discover them.
If you get really stuck, and you don't care about spoilers, you can try searching on Google or Youtube.

How do I unlock the ???? Characters

Some of these characters have instructions on how to get them that you can view above the 'Play' button, or if you press the Info button at the top right of the Character Select screen, it will give you more information.
Some Characters do not give you hints at all, and you will have to work out for yourself how to unlock them.
If you get really stuck, you can try searching on Google or Youtube.

How do I unlock outfits?

You can unlock outfits for each character by pressing the Play button from the character select screen, then scrolling right or left to select the outfit you want, then unlocking it via watching an Ad or purchasing it. Some outfits, like characters, are secret, and are invisible on the outfit screen until you unlock them by uncovering a secret in-game.

What is the flag with the smiley face on it?

This is a checkpoint - when you go past this, if you die, then you will respawn at the flag so you do not have to play the whole course up to that point again.

What is the flag with the fast forward symbol (two triangles pointing right) on it?

If you go past this flag, it means that the camera is about to speed up - be prepared for it to get more difficult to keep up past this point!

How do I quit the game?

If you are on iPad/iPhone/Pod, you can press the Home button on your device or swipe up from the button of the screen if you do not have a Home button.
On Android, there is an 'X' button on the Main Menu you can press to quit, or you can press the Home button on your device.

How do I figure out what to do with my life?

I don't really have the answer for this and I'm just a random person on the internet so you should take it with a pinch of salt, but something I discovered a while ago is the concept of Ikigai. (From Wikipedia:) "Ikigai is a Japanese term for 'a reason for being.' The word 'Ikigai' usually refers to the source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthwhile."
According to this, If you can find a job that:

  • is something that YOU LOVE
  • is something that YOU ARE GOOD AT
  • is something that YOU CAN BE PAID FOR
  • is something the WORLD NEEDS

then you'll be pretty set. The way I see it, not everyone can figure out a job that will tick all 4 boxes (or sometimes even 1 box!), but I think if you can manage 4 then your life will probably be pretty happy. That's what I'm aiming for with this game development stuff as it hopefully ticks the first 3 boxes, and if I make enough money from it I could donate a load to charity and thus tick the 4th.
Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
"As long as you stay out of trouble, things will probably pan out fine." - Bill Bailey


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